Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Web Walk - Or All Down The Tubes

The GOP shines in a hit and run incident as a man in a chicken suit speeds away in his Volvo in order to protect his secret identity. Are they trying to make sure that Democrat Harold Ford Jr's description of the GOP trio of candidates as The Three Stooges gets even more national attention??

Via the Chattanoogan:

He said afterwards he decided to follow the chicken back to his car to get a picture of him with his cell phone camera when the chicken took his suit off at his car. The 6'3" Shannon said the chicken saw him following him and started to run. He said he kept up with him and then stood in front of his car with the camera ready. He said the man never took off the top of the chicken suit as he revved up the car.

He said the man bumped him with the car, then drove it forward with more force, causing him to fall against the front of the Volvo.

He said the chicken then backed up and started to speed away, hitting him on his left side as he did. He said he was thrown against the passenger side of the front windshield, shattering it."


Child-molesting teacher Pamela Rogers will take her "sex addiction" to jail, says the judge. Wonder if any of the bidders for her action figure will share some cell time with her?


SInce we're 'going down the tubes' why not tune in the Rave Re-Mix version of Sen. Ted Stevens explaining his view of the internets as a "series of tubes"?


Picture of the Week -- or as Brittney said "I've found a Leaker!" Add your own caption! Let the kids join in!! (pic origin is here)


911 operators heard a call for a Love Emergency in Oregon this week, as a woman called the emergency dispatch to send that "cutie pie" deputy back to her house. She was arrested and her Love Emergency remains unsatisfied.


This Just In!! -- The media follows the New Start of a war between Israel and Hezbollah, now in it's 25th year! Time to ramp up those energy fees!


Cartoon of the Week - Or "Earn Your Vote!"


sandegaye said...

omg.. I'm seeing the teacher's 'tape' for the 1st time.
Eye bleach.. pass the eye bleach please.

Joe Powell said...

an example of Skank-O-Vision!!