Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday Web Walking

Gathered from the vast landscape of Our Internet Tubes --

A fine editorial on the mythmaking of Fundamentalists as they strive to distort Science and theories of Evolution and instead promote Religion. Key to their efforts? Lies and distortion. Here's a sample:

There really are two theories of evolution. There is the genuine scientific theory, and there is the talk-radio pretend version, designed not to enlighten but to deceive and enrage. .... But then there is the real theory of evolution, the one that was on display in that Harrisburg courtroom, for which there is overwhelming evidence in labs, fossils, computer simulations and DNA studies. Most Americans have not heard of it. Teachers give it short shrift in schools because the subject upsets too many parents who only know the talk-radio version. But real evolution isn't random; it doesn't say man came from monkeys. Those claims are made up by critics to get people riled up"
The amount of surveillance prominent today in the world is achieved not just by government desires, but with the immense effort of business too. Both groups are employing each other's tactics in order to establish a massive database on information on every move you make - and more, to predict your behavior. Pre-Crime Investigations ahead! Full story here via Democracy Now! and a sample:

Guilt by Google, that’s not copyrighted. You know, these data-mining programs, what you have to understand is that they’re not sifting through masses of information to find known terrorists or people who are suspected of terrorism on reasonable grounds. What they're doing is they’re sifting through all this information they’re collecting about us all to predict who might be a terrorist. This is predictive technology. And it’s interesting. It comes from the private sector."
Here is one of several posts via No Silence Here on the furor created by the Knox County Commission concerning their recent appointment process and how it violated the Sunshine Law and ignored the public demands for new elections. The defense by Commissioner Lambert that they conducted their deals of vote trading that "we did it in public view" is rather lame. If someone accused of theft says "Hey, I did it in daylight when the homeowner was in the home!", would they be declared innocent of theft?
A new look and design for Nashville is Talking. Check it out. As a Pynchon fan, I love big V's.
Will the tears of a defense lawyer Ted Wells prevent a guilty conviction for "Scooter" Libby? Part of his defense is that "he did not lie on purpose" in the criminal investigation in the outing a CIA agent's identity to bolster the reputation of his boss, Vice President Cheney. Since the media has been providing moment-by-moment coverage of events in the case of who can bury Anna Nicole Smith and not on the Libby perjury case - I predict Libby is NOT the father of Anna Nicole's child.
Sources say the movie "Capricorn One", about a secret plot to fake a Mars landing, is being remade. And are they really going to call it "Capricorn Two"?
Thanks to the lovely Tits McGee, who mentioned this bizarre website which features cats (yes, cats again) and captions. This was one of my favorites.


OXYMORON said...

Tears certainly helped Sam Alito in his quest to be a SCJ. They were his wife's of course but they upped the sanctimony of the Fundies to no end. Imagine wondering if Alito might have racist ideals only because he was a member of a racist clique!!!!!!!
Leona Helmsley would have been proud.

Cinemonkey said...

So, the kitties are texting us?

Joe Powell said...

Not only are kitties texting us, they are after our
game consoles ...

all yr tech r belong to us!!

Tits McGee said...