Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Monkey In The Heart of Memphis

The pic above is from Elvis' TV room in Graceland and is from a collection of pics made by Tits McGee, who was in Memphis last weekend to see her sister get married. Her photos of her trip to Graceland are jes' beautiful. Check them all out.

NOTE: Walking Elvispedia, aka Valley Grrrl points out in the comments on this post that the monkey in the picture is also the source of inspiration for Warren Zevon.


Kelvis said...


First, thanks for getting my Simpson references. I have a living breathing Simpsonpedia at my disposal who actually knew Apu's last name without looking it up. (creepy or cool?)

Speaking of creepy and cool, you have tapped into MY "pedia" with your latest post. Elvispedia that is.

You like the monkey? You should check out Warren Zevon's cd from 2000 called "Life'll Kill Ya." Track 7 is called "Porcelain Monkey."

I'll post a little trivia about it for anyone that cares.

Joe Powell said...

cool beans, Kelvis!

i kinda feel like saying "I did not know that!"

Tits McGee said...

Baby! You are so sweet! I just regret not getting to meet you or 'Coma while I was down there. Your state is too damn big.

Cinemonkey said...

Jeez, when Elvis was talkin' about his "porcelain monkey", I thought it was a euphemism !

'Coma said...

Well, shit, Tits. I would have been to Memphis like white on rice.
You are right, the state is too big. I want to hang out with our wonder triplet, Joe, all the damn time but, alas, I can't because he's an entire state away.