Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Webwalk From The Serious to the Not So Much

So much good reading, fascinating and provocative and informative, and on a wide range of topics. A brief tour is offered herein.

Failure dogs the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Bush threatens to veto bill for assistance. (via Facing South) --

The failure is seen everywhere: The tens of thousands of people still living in "temporary" FEMA trailers because insurance companies and the government failed to compensate homeowners. The 100+ public schools still closed in New Orleans. Lack of housing that has driven up rents 100-200% across the Gulf Coast, unaffordable to many. The lack of any meaningful effort to restore Louisiana's stunning wetlands, the best defense against future storms.

So one can only imagine the rage that is greeting this week's news that President Bush plans to veto a $21 billion bill for flood control and coastal restoration, passed 381-40 this week with broad bipartisan support in the U.S. House. The bill's programs are national but of special importance in southern Louisiana, where it would fund a 72-mile levee and floodwall system and put $1.9 billion -- a fraction of what's needed -- towards coastal restoration."
If you're paying millions of dollars to writers and consultants to create information opposing the scientific findings related to global warming, that is not an imaginary conspiracy -- it's called paid propaganda. (via KnoxViews)

... learn how their propaganda campaign has successfully fooled 64% of Americans into thinking there is "a lot of scientific disagreement on climate change."

Did you know that today is an almost formal state holiday?? Anyone? .... Bueller? Well it is and no, until I read ACK's post sharing the information, I simply did not know that today is Emancipation Day. The Greeneville Sun covers the story:

Organizers of the event estimate that a few hundred individuals, some of whom came from out of town to attend, were on hand for the annual African-American historical celebration that marks the emancipation by then-Tennessee Military Governor Andrew Johnson of his personal slaves."

Angelia reports that gives 1st District Congressman David Davis a 'thumbs down."

Is that a monkey under your hat or are you just happy to see --- Oh My God! It is a monkey under your hat!!

Um. Well. I know it's not meant to make me laugh but I, for one, am utterly helpless before the headlines and stories heralding the game that is sweeping through Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. Yes, it is a Carnival of Cornhole.

Friends in the know confirm the game has captured tons of fans. That was after I sent them some info directing them to the American Cornhole Association website. (thanks, Sysm!)


Tits McGee said...

Heh heh. "Cornhole."

bagtosser said...

The game is awesome!! Getting Huge in northern ohio, Indiana, and now toward PA as well.

THere is also tons of information on and they have equal quality at a much cheaper price