Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Brief Return

Please accept my thanks for all your condolences and support.

I'm putting up a quick post this cool September morning - especially since brevity and this blog have earned some praises this week.

First, this response to the current U.S. financial meltdown, proof that one single dollar can have true impact on those who brought the meltdown about --

With this $1 bill, I am going to paper cut the skin between the fingers of every investment banker, financial analyst, and backdoor accountant involved in this mess."

Here's another short shock to the system, this one for Sarah Palin.

I served with quick studies. I knew quick studies. Quick studies were a friend of mine. Sarah Palin: you're no quick study."

When I was traveling I noticed quite a few Obama for President stickers on car. But at a local market (one that actually had gasoline for sale), here's the bumper sticker I saw:

TN is For Jesus
Not For Obama

Yeah, I'm back in East TN.


OXYMORON said...

TN is For Jesus
Not For Obama

On a Red pickup truck? The little red truck I saw also sported "Obama: death and starvation" sticker.

Yep we're in East Tennessee, where Nancy Pelosi's name induces strokes in men and G. Bush erections in men.

paige said...

Wait, does that mean that folks are equating McCain w/Jesus? Scary. i've seen those red "Obama: Death & Starvation" stickers too. At first, i assumed they were a terrible joke. Then i remembered that we live in East TN. Wonder how long it will take my car to get vandalized once i put my Obama sticker on. . .